Activities and outcome

SKIVRE focused on a most interactive training approach, which targets management, staff, monks, and nuns at monasteries in a committed and responsible way. All training materials gear towards gaining relevant skills for raising revenues for the preservation of religious heritage sites:

  • the multilingual training scheme for increasing professionalism of monastic products in development, production and marketing
  • the digital learning platform
  • the Implementation Guidelines for monastic products for professional production and marketing in shops or at special retailers
  • the publication on historic crafts of monasteries and their potential for social entrepreneurship for citizens in rural areas.

SKIVRE closed a training gap at European monasteries working hard in the preservation of their sites. The training opens new markets and improves access to existing markets. Staff at monasteries will upscale knowledge and train for the employment market. European citizens get better access to high-quality monastic products with a background linked to their own heritage.