Training Modules

The training modules to be developed will be available on the SKIVRE eLearning platform from spring 2020 for free downloads. 


In order to find out about the state of art on monastic products, the SKIVRE partnership implemented a survey in January / February 2019 that brought valuable input for the training modules. 20 monasteries participated in our survey: 9 monasteries from Germany, 4 monasteries from Bulgaria, 3 monasteries from Greece, 4 monasteries from other European countries. These are the most important results of the survey in terms of lack of knowledge and training needs:

The respondents identified lack of knowledge in

  • How to sell the products (55 %)
  • How to use internet/social media to support sales (40%)
  • What products to sell (35%)
  • How to find the right price for my product (35%)
  • How to label my product and develop a brand name (30%)
  • How to represent my monastery shop to local and regional partners (30%)
  • How to collaborate beyond regional borders (30%)
  • How to collaborate with sales supporters (25%)
  • How to improve marketing and public relations
  • How to collaborate with sales supporters (20%)

Accordingly, they identified their training needs in:

  • Categorisation of product portfolio (45%)
  • Creating a strong brand (45%)
  • Use local/regional networks (45%)
  • Marketing Instruments (Marketing communication, Marketing plan) (45 %)
  • Benefits of using social media (45%)
  • Distribution alternatives (different ways of selling your monastic products) (30%)
  • Use of (trans)national networks (30%)
  • Communication planning (20%)

The whole outcome of the survey can be found here.