Testing of Training Modules

Interested in testing the SKIVRE modules?

Since December 2019, the SKIVRE training modules are tested remote or in small groups in  order to align them to the factual needs of persons working in monastries and monastery shops. How does it work? Interested persons and parties should register with the SKIVRE team and express their interest in  a testing. You will then be asked to choose a training module which you would like to test:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Marketing Strategies
Module 3: Monastic Products
Module 4: How to Sell Monastic Products Authentically
Module 5: Distribution Channels
Module 6: Communication and Social Media
Module 7: Value Adding Through Networks
Module 8: Creating a Strong Brand
Module 9: Financing Strategies
Module 10: Sustainability Aspects

Along with access to the training module a short online questionnaire will be provided where we ask you to give us your opinion.

The testing phase is running until mid February 2020.

If you would like to join the pilot testing, please contact your national representatives in the SKIVRE partnership or Mrs Angela Ivanova from our responsible partner INI-Novation Bulgaria OOD: angela.ivanova(at)ini-novation.com. Our colleague will make a suggestion how to include you in the testing activities.